Destinations Dental is a bridge which connects you and your local dentist to your international dental professional. Prior to your first electronic meeting with a dental expert, Destinations Dental will transmit your records to them. using HIPAA compliant software designed to protect your medical and dental information.

You will be able to establish a relationship with your chosen dental provider and have an estimate of the anticipated costs prior to leaving the US. Note that this tentative estimate is based on the records and information sent to the dental provider and your final estimate will be based on your presenting condition at your initial clinic visit.

Upon completion of your dental procedures, you will receive a copy of your imaging studies and medical-dental records in English which you can share with your home dentist.


Destinations Dental strives to be transparent with its clients, affiliates, and dental network in all business practices.

Traditionally, medical tourism facilitators receive a percentage of the cost of the medical or dental procedures the client has done. The more treatments the client needs, the more the facilitator make. Alternatively, Destinations Dental has chosen transparency, offering a much-needed service at a fair price while passing discounts and commissions back to our clients. We charge a set fee for our service which does not change based on how much dental work you need. Instead, Destinations Dental has negotiated with the members of our network to pass that traditional commission back to you, our client, in the form of our exclusive discount.

As a company, we value an excellent product for a fair price. We have traveled to Costa Rica, inspected each clinic and aparthotel option and credentialed the providers. We have enjoyed the tours and partnered with the very best. We have walked this road and want to share it with you.