Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of our most frequently asked questions about our service fees below.

Besides all the other benefits, what financial gain is included in the Flat Service Fee?

In addition to an Exclusive Dental Discount - which could be considerable dependent on the level of dental care you need - we have passed lodging and tour commissions back you as well. See “Extreme Savings” for more information.

The savings will vary depending on season, aparthotel, room layout, and tour option. Please see Victoria’s story for an example of the possible savings.

What is the Flat Service Fee?

We charge a Flat Service Fee of $2500 per client.

What if I have a friend who also needs dental work?

If our client has a companion who also needs dental work, we will discount $1000 from the second traveler making our fee only $4000 for two dental clients.

What if my companion does not need dental work?

If you have a companion who would like to accompany you, but he or she does not personally need dental work, this will be an additional fee of only $499. Traveling companions receive the same services which the Dental client receives including a welcome gift, complimentary hospitality tour, and lodging/tour discounts!

If you have any other questions, contact us at We will happily answer any queries you have and try to facilitate any possible requests.