Select Lodgings

Destinations Dental has partnered with aparthotels which specifically accommodate people who are traveling for dental work. We have stayed at each facility and have been impressed with their hospitality and comfort. 

All lodgings have Wifi, Central A.C./Heat, full kitchens, laundry facilities and are located near your clinic.  Aparthotel options vary based on size, style, and amenities, but not quality.

If you travel with companions or family, you may choose the aparthotel with 2, or even 3, bedrooms.  If traveling alone, you may choose a more intimate aparthotel, which is willing to cook you soft, dental-friendly food after a major procedure. We will help you walk through the options and find the aparthotel that is right for you. 

Regardless of your choice, as our client, you will be given a significant discount on the cost of your accommodations. Our clearly stated facilitation fee pays for our services, allowing us to pass every available commission and discount back to you.