Affiliate Rates = Extreme Discounts

Destinations Dental is committed to Transparency, Advocacy, and Savings.

Destinations Dental charges a specified fee for its services and, instead of accepting the traditional referral fee, we ask our dental network providers to pass that fee back to our clients. This means that our clients receive an additional exclusive discount to the savings already realized through dental tourism. Clients needing a major amount of dental work save substantially.

See Victoria’s Story to see how one Destinations Dental client saved over $1600 with her additional discount. (Total savings through Dental Tourism was over 25K!)

We have also negotiated with our Select Lodgings and Excursion tour operators for additional discounts for our clients. These discounts are available whether in or out of season.

Destinations Dental is committed to making this experience as affordable and inclusive as possible. If you are still unsure about how traveling abroad for dental care can save you significant amounts of money see the following graph which compares the cost of care in the US vs Costa Rica.