How to Get Around

The best local transportation is the “red taxis” which are legal to operate in San Jose. Our affiliated aparthotels are within a few miles of the dental clinics and, dependent on which clinic and aparthotel you choose, a taxi ride is usually less than $5 one way. The front desk will happily call you a taxi anytime you need one. 

Although Uber is available, it is not well regulated, and the service depends entirely on the individual contractor. 

Car rental is available in Costa Rica, but we advise careful consideration before choosing that option. San Jose is a modern city with a great deal of traffic, especially in the downtown area plus Costa Rica does not have street addresses the way we are accustomed to. Usually, an address will be a description of where a location is such as “150 metros Norte de Restaurante Rostipollos, San José Province, San José, Costa Rica”.

Also, if you were involved in an auto accident where a Costa Rican resident was injured, you could be forbidden from leaving the country until the matter and all debts are settled. Consequently, if someone were seriously injured and needed to be in rehab, you could be there a lot longer than you anticipated. We truly recommend the red taxis or guides for getting around.

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