How do US Dental costs compare with Costa Rica?

Besides the savings received from travelling internationally, Destinations Dental has negotiated with network dental providers for an additional exclusive price reduction of up to 10% off of your dental procedures. For those needing dental implants or full mouth reconstruction, this additional discount is significant.

Plus, if you have dental insurance benefits, the clinics in our dental network will assist you in filling out the forms so you can apply for reimbursement of any covered procedures upon your return home. To save on your travel expenses, you will be given the wholesale rate for lodgings at our affiliated aparthotels and a discount on any tours you book through us.

Each person’s dental and medical conditions are unique to them making it difficult to be precise when speaking about the cost of dental work. Factors which impact the price of dentistry are location, brand and type of materials used, the amount of work needed and how complex it is. Additionally, there are costs for x-rays or CT, cleanings, extractions, and ancillary procedures such as a bone graft or sinus lift. Destinations Dental encourages you to go to your local dentist to get a more precise estimate prior to getting an estimate from a Costa Rican dental provider.

USA VS Costa Rica - Dental Cost Comparison

Sources: American Dental Association and Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas


USA Vs. Costa Rica - Cost of Dentistry Comparison

$3587 + crown (US)             Single Implants (includes 2nd phase)         $1540 + crown (CR)

$1400 (US)                           Implant Crown                                               $550 (CR)

$1092 (US)                            Root Canal                                                       $217 (CR)

$1121 (US)                              Crowns Metal/Porcelain                               $285 (CR)

$1136 (US)                               Porcelain                                                         $299 (CR)

$1128 (US)                             Veneer Porcelain                                             $235 (CR)

$137 (US)                               Dental Cleaning                                              $44 (CR)

$1611 (US)                               Dentures [upper or lower]                            $195 (CR)

$249 (US)                                Deep scaling/quadrant                                 $52 (CR)