We are a Family Owned business rooted in personal experience. Founder Peggy Williams took her daughter (Co-Founder) Sabrina Tarbutton-Harris to Mumbai, India in Spring 2016 to receive a full mouth restoration. The estimate she received in the US exceeded 100K and was estimated to take 2 years. We simply could not afford it - the money OR the time. We solved our problem with Dental Tourism. Ultimately, Sabrina received her needed care for $15K and was given a 30 year warranty! We knew before we ever came home that we would found this company to help others receive the dental care they need.

To learn more about Us, our Story, or our Destinations Dental see www.medtourezine.com - our exclusive publication dedicated to normalizing Dental Tourism among North Americans as a solution to the exorbitant price of Dental Care in the US.